Mom’s Advice

“I choose love. Today I will love God and what God loves.”
~ Max Lucado

Monday night was small group night – which means belly laughs, great conversation, spiritual reflections, and…snacks! We start our time together by gathering in the kitchen/dining room and filling our plates with happiness before digging into our study. Good food always gets ‘em talking!

Because it was my first day off for summer, I did some cleaning and some cooking – both in anticipation for the arrival of my friends. I cooked a little more than normal {I think I was overly excited about summer break}. Sadly, nothing I cooked looked good. It tasted good…just failed the visual test and would never appear on the cover of a cooking magazine.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

I served up a fabulous Blueberry Pound Cake that didn’t quite slide out of the Bundt pan easily resulting in a huge well on the top {nothing a healthy dose of powdered sugar couldn’t cover}.

A Fruit Pizza that ended up being globs of fruit on a crescent roll. The glaze plopped instead of drizzled. And the juice from the fruit made the frosting stuff quite colorful {Don’t you just love all my technical terminology?}.

And we can’t forget the Peanut Butter Logs, which were more like flat, oblong cookies dipped in chocolate. I had the bright idea to help set the chocolate by placing the cookies in the fridge…not my smartest cooking moment. Getting them off the plate was an adventure that made some already ugly cookies pretty unrecognizable.

My mother was a whiz in the kitchen. She would never have failed so miserably. I could hear her saying, “Oh D…Didn’t I teach you anything?”

Well, yes mom. You taught me a ton…

You taught me that it is more important to be beautiful on the inside – sort of like the Blueberry Pound Cake {only not}. The world’s standard of beauty is a little off. The cake pictured above would never have made it to a table that Rachel Ray dined at…but on my table, it was perfect.

You taught me not to judge a book by its cover. The Fruit Pizza certainly wasn’t pretty – neither was that homeless person I shunned the other day. Oh the things people could assume about me…

And you taught me to look for the positive in all things. Those PB Logs gave me the biggest headache, but also the most pleasure to my taste buds! That tough talk I had to have made the butterflies flit in my stomach but also strengthened a relationship that may have otherwise weakened.

My epic kitchen failures were actually perfect, yet unexpected, reminders of how to live…just like Jesus.

What unexpected reminders do you need today?


  1. Another lesson: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good and enjoyed! I’m sure you didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to indulge in those desserts! I’m always afraid to put something forward unless it’s perfect…which is impossible! HA! But people can enjoy what I have to offer just the way I am.

    Mary Beth

  2. So true… Thanks for linking up to Thrive @ Home Thursday! :)

  3. It’s sort of like how God calls us to come just as we are. We aren’t to wait for perfection this side of heaven. We aren’t discarded by Him simply because we aren’t pretty. God is so good! Thanks for linking up at Thrive @ Home Thursday!

  4. What a deliciously profound post! Such great insights and despite them not being picture perfect, your homemade goodies look delicious.

  5. Most of the time my own cooking comes out tasting better than it looks..thankfully!! Your insights are great. Man judges the outside appearance, but God judges the heart, he sees whats inside :)

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