I’m spending time with family in New York this week. It’s a bitter-sweet week actually. I packed my bags unexpectedly when my grandfather took a turn for the worse and subsequently passed away.

This picture was taken about a year ago…sadly, the last picture I have of us together.

Regardless of the circumstances, it has been fun hanging with dad, my siblings, and my nieces and nephews.

Aren’t they cute?

I think Jonathan was the water target!

Who doesn’t like a good water fight?

In addition to some long, lazy days enjoying family, sunshine, and the beloved trampoline, this city girl has been enjoying the country life. Who doesn’t love to see horse & buggies in action? And I feel the excitement of a 3-year old as I pass all the farms with their animals. There are more than enough chickens, cows, goats, and horses in this area. In fact, I almost stopped to take a picture of the baby goats grazing in the pasture because I couldn’t believe how many there were! While I chickened out on that photo-op, I did proudly stop on the side of the road to snap a picture of this:

Yep – cows in the water. Who knew?

Really – who knew? I never thought about cows taking a dip. My cow knowledge is obviously limited…

So I am off to soak all this in {no pun intended}. On Friday I will be heading out to New Jersey for the weekend for my grandfathers funeral service {and perhaps a trip to the shore!}. Please look forward to some great posts and book reviews that are all set for your reading pleasure. I’m kicking it all off by sending you to other blogs. I know that is odd, but that’s how I roll. Today, they have the message to share. So please, go visit a few friends and be inspired!

Kat had me thinking about my great adventure.

Meredith convicted me bright and early this morning (10:00 is bright and early, isn’t it?).

Brooke had me sighing relief that my spunky blonde boy is the way he is – perfectly created by God – to accomplish great things for him.

Tricia gave me a really yummy recipe to try. Can’t wait to sit in the gazebo and sip on this!

Tereasa has an incredible message of encouragement to share with you.

How have you been inspired?

Keepin’ it Real…D


  1. tereasamansfield says:

    I am sorry for your loss, but happy for your break. I know the God of comfort is with you. Thank you for the gracious link. It was pleasant surprise!

    • Thanks Tereasa. My family and I feel the prayers being said on our behalf. And I’m glad you were surprised this morning. You truly inspire me and I love to share!

  2. I’m so glad that you are enjoying some family time in the midst of your loss. Praying for safe travels!!

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