I just don’t get it…

Things I just don’t understand: 1-ply toilet paper - 'nuff said Using your turn signal in the turn lane - Shouldn't it be obvious I am turning? Brussel sprouts - #yuck Getting up before the sun - it shouldn't be allowed Drama - it isn't just for teenagers anymore And the big … [Continue reading]

Dear exercise…

Day Eleven: When we exercise, we tend to choose cardio options – which are great. But we can’t forget the importance of strength training as well. How did you build our muscles today? Dear exercise – I don’t like you. That is the honest truth. I don’t like to sweat even if I know I’m burning up a … [Continue reading]

5k Bonding

I had a goal on my summer bucket list {which technically only existed in my brain}. It was to run a family 5k. Yep - I wanted my whole family to join … [Continue reading]

Don’t skip it…

Day Ten: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start your day right with a balanced, protein packed breakfast! It is true – breakfast is … [Continue reading]

Sweet Treats

Day Nine: When we are chilling out at night, we tend to chill out with treats. Show off your favorite chilling…without treats tonight! Okay – I admit … [Continue reading]

Say No to Sugar

Day Eight: Sugar is the silent killer. Okay, that may be overly dramatic, but it does cause a slew of health issues. Can you go without it? Please … [Continue reading]

Why I Love Jesus

We love because he first loved us. ~ 1 John 4:19 I was called out on Facebook. *gasp* Truth: I usually ignore it when I am called … [Continue reading]

Don’t aim to be skinny…

Day Seven: Can you believe it is recommended we take 10,000 steps each and every day? Download a pedometer ap on your phone and get walking … [Continue reading]

Sitting is the new Smoking

Day Six: It is way too easy to sit around – at work and at home. We need to make a conscious effort to move for 5-10 minutes every hour. Show us your … [Continue reading]

Peanut Butter Cups – The Healthy Way

Day Five: We all love snacks, don’t we? What is your favorite healthy snack? Yes indeed – this girl loves her snacks. If I am not careful, I can find … [Continue reading]