Elfie & Christmas

I so desperately want to write a letter to all the moms who feel pressured to join the Elf on a Shelf craze. It really isn’t all that important. It isn’t a contest. Your kid isn’t going to need therapy if you skip out on random acts of Elf weirdness. I promise. I know this because last year was … [Continue reading]


I have become aware of how hungry people are – specifically women. And I’m talking about real hunger – not for a burger; not for a nicer car….but for something more. Something better. Something bigger. Something different. I’ve recently noticed it more and more. With almost every conversation I … [Continue reading]

Seven Pauses

While Jen Hatmaker made some great points in chapters five and six about waste and spending, I’m going to skip right to chapter seven because I feel … [Continue reading]

Shut up already!

I love the quiet. I really, really, really love the quiet. I can think in the quiet. I can study in the quiet. I can write in the quiet. I can rest … [Continue reading]

Too Much Stuff

Some of you may remember that I read through the book 7 this summer. Honestly, it messed up my world. Thanks Jen… After much thought, I decided now … [Continue reading]

Faith and Trust

Let’s talk about control. Yep – I said control. It’s not a popular subject and I am pretty sure Pastor Tom punched a few guts on Sunday. When he … [Continue reading]

Lessons from Job

This week, as part of my reading plan, I found myself immersed in the book of Job. Holy wow! The book of Job is a tough one to read – and strangely … [Continue reading]

Immersed in the Story

I am going through the Grow in His Word material with my small group. This is the second time I have led a group through this study. The first time … [Continue reading]

Just a another day in the life…of a tired mama

If you are one of my Facebook friends, you will occasionally see what I lovingly term as “Gavinism’s.” They are the quirky quotes that come from the … [Continue reading]

Be Extraordinary

It has been way too long since I have had a check-in with those of you reading the Bible through with me this year. It’s an intensive plan, isn't it? … [Continue reading]