Everyday Life

Elfie has been a busy Elf this year. Not making toys or eating spaghetti with maple syrup…but giving Gavin little reminders of what Christmas is all about. He has reminded us that Christmas is about light and beauty… Family and friends… Trust, patience, and … [Continue reading]

Why I Listen to Eminem

If you look at the playlist on my phone you might shake your head in pure confusion. 95% of the time I listen to praise and worship music. I love me some Bethel music, Crowder, and Sidewalk Prophets! But I also like to listen to a little country…a little rock…and even a little rap. Typically these … [Continue reading]

Investing in One

The other day I saw a video of kids answering questions about the Christmas story. The kids gave all the “kid answers” that make videos like this cute … [Continue reading]

The Uprising

There sure is a lot of injustice in the world. I’m not just talking about the recent events splattered all over the news either. Oh no – there are … [Continue reading]

R&R – Just breathe…

Last night I received a very rare gift – the gift of quiet. Mike took Gavin to the basketball game and I had about three glorious hours of me-time. It … [Continue reading]


Even though people call me a Grinch, Christmas is truly my favorite holiday. I have a bad reputation because I don’t particularly enjoy Christmas … [Continue reading]

The Table of Grace

I am diving into the gospels right now. I’m not just rereading the familiar stories - I am dissecting them. I’m not going fast either. In fact, I’ve … [Continue reading]

Elfie & Christmas

I so desperately want to write a letter to all the moms who feel pressured to join the Elf on a Shelf craze. It really isn’t all that important. It … [Continue reading]


I have become aware of how hungry people are – specifically women. And I’m talking about real hunger – not for a burger; not for a nicer car….but for … [Continue reading]

Seven Pauses

While Jen Hatmaker made some great points in chapters five and six about waste and spending, I’m going to skip right to chapter seven because I feel … [Continue reading]