A Place of Prayer

I’m knee deep in Genesis right now. I love all the new things I uncover each time I open this great book. Today I want to focus on the story of Jacob and Esau – particularly the end of the story. To catch you up to speed, Jacob cheated Esau out of his father’s blessing as well as his birthright. … [Continue reading]

I want them to know…

It seems to me there is a lot of advice out there for girls. It gets highlighted and shared and we all get feel-good vibes from the words we read. The advice for a boy is a little different… We don’t get feel-good vibes at all from the acceptance of bodily functions. I want my boys to pick up … [Continue reading]

In Pursuit

When I think of spiritual “greats” I think of people like Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton, and Martin Luther. I think of Abraham, Job, Paul, and … [Continue reading]

Step Aside

Ever since I was little, I looked for opportunities to help people – especially people in disagreement with others. It wasn't that I wanted in on the … [Continue reading]

The Good Stuff

We've been stuck inside most of the week. The snow is falling right along with the temperatures. We are running out of things to do…and the snacky … [Continue reading]

A Command & A Promise

Every afternoon, I pick Gavin up from school and as we are walking to the car he always reports what color he was on. Rainbow is the best and the … [Continue reading]

Tackling Discontent in the Church

More and more I have noticed people church hopping. I don’t know why I am noticing this, but I am. I know that people get angry about various things … [Continue reading]

The Nature of God

This past summer, I became acquainted with camping – and found I loved it. I’m not sure what my perception was prior to this, but clearly it was off… … [Continue reading]

Live Dangerously

I had the pleasure of listening to Pastor John preach on Sunday. It’s a pleasure because John is really the worship arts pastor and doesn't do a ton … [Continue reading]

Unwrap Gifts in the New Year

What would you say about 2014? Was it a good year? A tough year? A year of ups and downs? For me, I can’t complain. I mean, the abundance of snow we … [Continue reading]