Time to Move On

I've been involved with kids ministry for - gosh - a long time. I started about 14 years ago under the tutelage of Mrs. B when I first attended Mainstreet. I served in different roles - small group, large group, & worship (that was funny). And then I moved to the world of preschool. For the last … [Continue reading]

Summer Fun

Oh my goodness...I know I have been very much absent around this space. I hope you will understand and forgive me. You see - I determined to have a fun summer. Not one chained to my computer, locked indoors, or bored to tears. I was given the gift of two additional weeks off this summer so I wanted … [Continue reading]

A Love Story

This past weekend, I was blessed to take part in a very special gals wedding festivities. I'm going to cry just typing this. You see, I tend to make … [Continue reading]

Summer Fun

I don’t know if I am in the midst of a mid-life crisis or what, but I seem to have this new attitude about life. When my dad was here a few weekends … [Continue reading]

Should they call me blessed?

We are nearing the end of our Proverbs 31 study. I hope you have enjoyed going a little deeper and being challenged by this passage of Scripture. … [Continue reading]

The Gift

A while back, I made a bucket list. I didn’t tell a whole lot of people. The realist in me thinks bucket lists are silly. They contain things that … [Continue reading]

National Running Day

Today was national running day. A year ago I wouldn’t have cared about that, but today it mattered. I’m a runner…um, sort of. It is more of a light … [Continue reading]

Frushi Fail

My friend posted a recipe for Frushi on my Facebook wall. It looked different, easy, and pretty yummy so I decided to give it a try for Mike’s … [Continue reading]

Sacrifice is Tough

I’ve gotten a lot of strange looks this past week. I’ve seen lots of eyes roll. I’ve heard lots of things like, “You can have a little…” and “That’s … [Continue reading]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

What goes good with peanut butter? Chocolate, of course! All things involving peanut butter and chocolate are good. Period That includes … [Continue reading]